Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

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Art beckoned. It fills my spirit. I always knew. It defines her philosophy: "Hold fast to dreamsLife is a broken-winged birdThat cannot flyHold fast to dreamsFor when dreams goLife is a barren fieldFrozen with snow. Nor-bert before heading back for final exams at the University of Cape Town.

Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

Along with teaching, Breault has a lot of concert work ahead. B still can't call him Dudley made a tremendous impact on my life," said Breault, a native of Marinette. Black spray-painted and white gourds, pots filled with tall ornamental grasses and black and white feathers, and natural raffia wreaths tied with amethyst ribbon set a sophisticated stage for the night's festivities.

Pier One has pretty light-wrapped pumpkins and trees, and a metallic pumpkin wreath, to welcome revelers. Set the scary stage If a haunted house look is what you're after, consider draping Spanish moss, found at many nurseries and craft stores, along your railings.

Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

Change out your porch light for a dramatic orange or red bulb, and frame the doorway with spider webs or crime-scene tape. Feeling crafty?

Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

Go to DIYNetwork. Glamour gourds In recent years, the iconic jack-o'-lantern has been reinterpreted in some cool ways. The triangle cutout face is a classic, but you can now find patterns for everything from flames to filigree. Martha Stewart Living offers instructions for cool snake des and pretty layered leaf patterns.

My parents never talked to us about going to college. It's going to happen. I just have to work for it. It will happen. So hopefully one day I will be able to work on a really big space. I would love that. His energy is phenomenal. Write to him at P. BoxGreen Bay, Wl or wgerdsgreenbaypressga2ette. Paint the pumpkin white and add a silhouette of a black cat, eyes or other Halloween image.

Add construction paper ears and whiskers to make a creature. Or go bold with a graphic stripe or swirl motif. Add glitter to a gourd painted lime green or purple. Some homeowners would prefer the din of a beeping alarm clock rather than waking up to the constant hammering of a woodpecker.

Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

Though woodpeckers are fascinating, at times they can be annoying and can cause structural damage to buildings by pecking on siding, chimneys and eaves. Incidences of woodpecker damage are prominent in fall and spring. They are attracted to your house for a of reasons.

A male woodpecker engages in a territorial hammering activity to attract a mate, and it chooses a structure that makes a better sound to achieve this. At www. The Study Plan is a helpful tool for decision-making and estimation; it includes valuable coupons to use on the purchase of complete construction documents and modifications.

You can also order a paper copy of the Study Plan by calling VsUllI greenbaypressgazette. Woodpeckers also have a keen sense for hunting insects and larvae hiding under wood siding. A series of woodpecker holes is often a telltale of their search for insects. Check the siding for s of insects and take appropriate control measures insecticides, wood preservatives.

According to Scott Craven, University of Wisconsin-Extension wildlife ecologist, the key to successful control is to take action as soon as a woodpecker shows s of becoming a pest. Use a combination of multiple strategies listed below to deter woodpeckers.

Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

Loud noises can easily frighten the woodpecker. Banging pots and pans or yelling can discourage their presence. However, you have to be persistent for at least a week. If you don't have time to be persistent in making loud noises, install a motion sensor light that triggers blinking lights when a woodpecker approaches the damaged area. Frequently damaged sections of the wood siding can be protected by mounting metallic hardware cloth or by draping bird netting over the targeted area.

Other frightening devices are cosmetic mirrors that enlarge images and effigies of winged hawks, which can be constructed from cardboard. The home features 1, square feet of living space, with the option to double the area by finishing the full basement. Be sure to reference the plan. Main Street little Chute Hang shiny objects like aluminum foil, pinwheels or Mylar strips near the damaged area where free movement of these objects due to wind can scare the woodpecker.

Smooth out any grooves on the siding or caulk any cracks to prevent woodpeckers from using them as a foothold to hammer the building. Sticky repellents like Tanglefoot can be smeared on another piece of wood, plywood, or thick cardboard and mounted temporarily over the damaged area.

Birds dislike sticky feet, and this can be an effective way to repel them. Craftsman detailing and a quaint covered porch create the charming exterior, which would look great in a variety of neighborhoods. The foyer steps up to the hearth-warmed Great Room, with the kitchen and dining room beyond. Vaulted ceilings bring volume to both rooms, and the open layout creates easy circulation between areas. An island adds counter space in the kitchen, where a window over the sink offers a view of the backyard.

A niche in the dining nook creates room for a buffet or china hutch. In the home's private zone, the master suite enjoys its own bath with a skylight. Two additional bedrooms share another full bath, also with a skylight. Open living spaces and a vaulted ceiling expand the space In this efficient floor plan.

Total living area: 1, sq. Ina Rd. Try it free.

Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

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Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

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Anyone at phouse want a Green Bay Wisconsin

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