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What would you give to be able to wake up after a heavy night and have no or feeling of a hangover?

Chat adult Manchester wine and company

Well - researchers from Helsinki University may have come up with a solution. There have been many claims over the years and there have been housewife's tales galore, but it seems milligrams of amino acid L-cysteine could solve the problem. It is to be taken in pill form, both before and after drinking, and alleviates hangover, nausea, headaches, stress, and anxiety.

However, don't expect to see it in Boots soon as there are still a few hurdles to jump before it is on general release but I think a small investment in the company that finally solves this age-old problem may reap dividends. The actress Cameron Diaz has got involved in making a wine called Avaline which she calls a "clean wine" made in Chat adult Manchester wine and company with European wine makers.

I really wish these wretched "celebrities " would keep out of the wine market. We have recently had Kylie Minogue producing a Provence rose and now a white and red but what the hell does she know about wine and this follows a long list of other celebrity endorsements. Apparently, Miss Diaz was horrified to discover that so much wine had additives so decided to make a wine which was vegan friendly and organic.

I wasn't aware that this was a new idea - we increasingly sell a host of organicvegan friendly wines so I simply don't understand this, but gullible Americans will lap it up. Donald Trump will probably tell you it cures Corona Virus if it helps him win the election. It is interesting to hear the comments of Dr Creina Stockleya pharmacologist and world authority on wine additives and processing aids at Adelaide University. She says," It is a marketing exercise - I've been in this business for 30 years and this comes up periodically under different names ".

She goes on " unlike the food industry winemakers don't have to list ingredients which has opened the door for opportunists who profit by claiming that other wineries fill their wines with noxious chemicals " They don't! Interestingly she says very Chat adult Manchester wine and company about where the wine come from - just France and Spain. A little more provenance would sound more convincing! The Yamazaki whisky, released by Suntory only a few months ago, is beautifully presented in a gold dusted bottle and oak box plus some other fine trimmings which suggest it may not actually ever be drunk.

Quite absurd! It is so sad to hear about the devastating fires that swept through the wine growing regions of Australia and particularly the Adelaide Hills where over a third of the vines have been completely destroyed. On top of this there has been a huge amount of radiant heat damage to one of Australia's richest and most productive wine regions. Some vines will recover if the wine growers can rebuild their irrigation system but in many cases the vines will have to be replanted.

Along with this over homes and many wine sheds and outbuildings have been destroyed. Some well known names like Bird in Hand, Petaluma and Henschke have been badly damaged and Tilbrook Estate have lost their home, winery, stock and outbuildings. Many have described it as "the worst time in their history". Winemakers are simply heartbroken that a lifetime's work has been wiped out.

When it is all over I am sure the whole community will get together and rebuild itself. Already fund raising has reached high levels and government compensation will, I am sure, help everyone get back on their feet but in the meantime I am sure all wine lovers will me in offering our utmost sympathy.

Times are tough in the UK too but for different reasons. The Brexit delays have already caused untold damage to small businesses and only very recently two local wine merchants ceased trading or have gone into liquidation. If we don't get a satisfactory deal with Europe the paperwork and additional costs are going to drive other company's the same way. We read only last week in the wine press that VAT will have to be paid at the point of entry and this will mean huge extra funding which many will not be able to find.

It is suddenly beginning to dawn on us all that we do not really want to walk away from Europe without a deal. Add the C virus to all this and I really fear for the economy - we are already noticing that pubs and restaurants orders are well down as everyone panics unnecessarily. Let's just hope they drink at home instead! It didn't seem long ago that I was reading about all the pubs closing in the UK. I seem to recall 16 closures a week being bandied around. Business rates, higher alcohol duties, minimum wage increases and a poor economy all played their part in the demise.

But now we hear the opposite and 6 a week are reopening or being created. The increase is primarily in England and the change of fortune can mostly be attributed to pub companies like Wetherspoons rather that individuals trying to make a living.

Some country pubs have been rescued by their villages who have created a community pub and a few individuals have taken the brave decision to take on a challenge - possibly not always being aware of the skills involved to make it a successful proposition.

Chat adult Manchester wine and company

More and more pubs are offering accommodation as well as better food and weekday events such as quizzes and curry nights. All pubs are having to be more versatile and think outside the box in order to remain Chat adult Manchester wine and company attractive proposition for all the family.

So good news all round. It was only recently that we entertained a group of 12 Americans who simply fell in love with the the quaint and quirky local pubs around the Oxford area. We need to recognise that, in the UK, we have created this unique environment which we should all support wherever possible. I cannot believe that Vera Lynn, the forces sweetheart, is Despite her age she seems to have lost nothing of her fighting spirit having successfully fought off an attempt by a Gin producer to use her name on the gin without her permission.

Although Vera Lynn is rhyming slang for Gin she opposed the application on the grounds of "passing off and bad faith". Well done Vera - you need never meet them again!! Pol Roger have now opened two of the recently discovered 23 bottles of year old champagne. These bottles were discovered when work started on a new packaging facility on the site of a building that collapsed after heavy rain in Feb Many bottles were damaged or half full but those rescued are thought to be from harvests between and The bottles were opened very carefully to a small group of press and invited guests and both wines, believed to be from different vintages, amazed the attendees with their lively character.

Although lacking any fizz the they think has aromas of spice and vanilla and the flavours were similar to old Armagnac. The second one possibly an had remarkable freshness with citrus and exotic fruit according to the reports. Champagne takes on a very different flavour profile as it ages and I've never had anything older that a but it is intriguing drinking old wine, especially champagne, which becomes very nutty and concentrated in my limited experience.

Good champagne does improve with ageing and I always love to keep a few older bottles just for fun. However don't expect a cheap champagne to improve much - start with a decent 1er cru quality and try a bottle every few years. You Chat adult Manchester wine and company be interested to hear that the students of the Royal Agriculture University in Cirencester have made their own dry white wine - about 15, bottles from the Ortega grape with small amounts of Bacchus, Chardonnay and Seyval Blanc thrown in.

The University purchased a small 2. Cotswold Hills white wine is delightfully crisp and aromatic and has been bottled in cans and glass. I'm not sure if it is available in the student bars but I suspect there will be enough students on site who could afford it. I read with great interest the comments by Anna Murphy, who writes in The Times, about her experience tasting wine with committed oenophiles in the South of France.

She met a head sommelier at a top hotel who had also worked in London and commented on how he felt it was the most sophisticated wine city in the world. However, he complained that there was now a shortage of high rolling Brits who had the knowledge to drink the top wines. Apparently the diminishing cellars of the top city firms are to blame. The cellars and the salaries have gone and so, he felt, had some of the knowledge. I am afraid that I disagree.

There may well have been some fine wine drunk in the 'good old days' but I dispute that many people actually knew what they were drinking. A hefty price merely gave an opportunity for a fat cat to show off and sometimes a little bit of knowledge can be dangerous. Most were clueless as to what they were drinking but it tasted good and was expensive and at the time this was the main criteria. I have met far too many people with impressive cellars but little knowledge - those who have money to burn, follow a particular wine guru and just buy on recommendation - and often for purely investment purposes.

This is not wine knowledge. Knowledgeable wine people would not be so stupid. They would seek out good growers or vineyards and look for value for money, interest, terroir, vintage - or they would chose wine to pair with food. Loved them, but I think you get my point! On a more technical note it is interesting to read that Bollinger Champagne is planning on reintroducing some of the permitted champagne grapes in order to add more acidity to theirs which have been affected by global warming. However most people do not know that four other grape varieties are actually legal but have not been used for years.

I remember seeing a few only planted at Madame Bollinger's house not for production purposes when I was there a few years ago. Consumers in the UK purchase around 50 million ink cartridges every year from high street chains, with branded ink costing more than both compatible alternatives or Vintage Champagne. According to Which? There has been some confusion of late as to whether the existing model would be retained but now it seems that Majestic will reinvent itself.

I hope it decides to concentrate on returning to a quality portfolio rather than pursuing the cheap and cheerful end of the market which it appeared to be doing 6 months ago. Leave that to Naked wines, Tesco, Aldi and Lidl!

Chat adult Manchester wine and company

Meantime it is also offloading fine wine merchant Lay and Wheeler which it purchased some years ago. There seems to have been no coherent policy over the years so let's wait and see which direction Majestic goes under new management.

Chat adult Manchester wine and company

I have talked before about wine fraudsters and how many have successfully duped unsuspecting buyers, especially from the Far East, into drinking fake wine. However whisky forgers now have "an artificial tongue" with which to contend. The Royal Society of Chemists say they can determine the distiller, age and blend of any whisky by reflecting light off a set of minuscule artificial taste buds. Forgery has become a huge problem and last year a research group tested 55 expensive whisky bottles and found Chat adult Manchester wine and company 21 were outright frauds and others were distilled earlier than had been claimed on the label.

In certain international markets even ordinary whisky claiming to be Glenfiddich has been proven not to have come from that distillery. The new devicewhich is too complicated for me to explain or understand, can be taught the distinct ature for each product and is accurate enough to distinguish the smallest differences in blends. Boris Johnson is promising money and investment in so many areas but I do hope he will soon understand that we will seriously attract voters if he acknowledges that tax on wine is excessively high and ought to be reduced.

governments have frozen or reduced Beer and Spirit tax over recent years but walked roughshod over wine drinkers. I would particularly like to bring to the chancellor's attention the excess extra tax on sparkling wine which does nothing to encourage our wonderful farmers who are producing top quality grapes for stunning fizz. With Brexit round the corner surely now is the time to encourage the drinking of sparkling wine - for some there might even be something to celebrate.? Counterfeiting has become a serious problem in the world of fine wine and many an unsuspecting purchaser has paid a fortune for something they didn't actually drink.

However one rather naive faker make the mistake of releasing a vintage from 3 years prior to the winery releasing their first vintage - he was easily caught!!

Chat adult Manchester wine and company

The combat what is becoming a serious problem Barossa Valley winery Seppeltsfield have released a new micro chipped bottle which allows drinkers to scan the bottle with a smartphone and detect its authenticity as well as discovering whether the bottle has been tampered with before selling. Very clever and the way forward. A pub which goes by the extraordinary name of The Old Cheshire Astley Volunteer Rifleman Corps Inn, which actually is in the Guinness books of Records as the longest pub name has just reopened in Manchester three years after closing.

Known as the Rifleman by most locals it is very close to the pub with the world's shortest name "the Q Inn". The only real problem for the new landlord was the cost of getting the name printed as the print company insisted on charging by the letter! A woman woke up at am hearing some crashing in her kitchen She bravely ventured downstairs to investigate the cause of the racket and discovered an enormous alligator raiding her wine cabinet. Terrified, she left the gator to the wine, ran upstairs to her bedroom and called the police.

I headed for the kitchen Chat adult Manchester wine and company as I got to the door of the kitchen, I had this beautiful face staring at me as though he belonged there. While in the kitchen he tried to snap up several bottles of wine, raiding the wine cabinet and smashing several expensive bottles in the process. It took ten police officers and two wildlife trappers two hours to capture the rambunctious reptile and remove it from the property - it was not arrested for drunken behaviour! Over farmers have been murdered during the past year and the s are rising despite increased security.

According to the local paper Smit being embroiled in a land dispute when residents of a nearby township erected shacks on hos land and refused to leave despite a court injunction.

Chat adult Manchester wine and company

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