Hoping theirs one

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Individuals from around the world share their personal stories of hope, resilience, and inspiration during this time. This is a golden opportunity to have a great time with family… It is the best time for dual earner couples to spend time with each other. It is an opportunity for kids to have a great time with parents. It is an opportunity to learn new skills. It is an opportunity to enjoy life. Give time to your hobby like gardening, writing, drawing.

It is about a large part of the Lebanese people, who due to the current challenging economic crisis and the confinement decreed in the face of the virus adversity, is suffering from fear, loneliness, deep poverty and hunger in times of a deadly pandemic. Hoping theirs one in Lebanon nowadays is an act of surviving adversities in a country of a panoply of human paradoxes, simultaneously inhaling and exhaling tragedies, irreverence but also magnificent and heroic efforts of solidarity.

A sense of fundamental anchor is being created where safety and bonding keep the miracle of life alive. One million dollars in one hour, broke the record on the first day of a fundraising campaign with explosions of happiness. Three associations, sharing the values of transparency, political independence, integrity and non-discrimination, ed forces to organize this fundraising, soliciting the Lebanese diaspora in the United States to hands to help the most disadvantaged.

The sum raised has covered boxes of food for 50, families, aroundpeople for one month. People, with an incredible devotion, are distributing boxes of food with love and compassion towards their compatriots with one uniting message: Food is a human right, no one should be hungry! This was developed within the department's mental health committee against Covid and in governmental strategies available for the community.

Hoping theirs one

Through the creation of a platform called calivallecorona. It seeks to offer a model of multidisciplinary care for the community during this health emergency, with a focus on mental health prevention and promotion, also integrating the early detection of complications.

For psychology, this is an action of great social impact that responds to current global challenges such as making visible the needs of mental health in the face of the emergency, interdisciplinary work for community welfare in a dialogue of knowledge with other professions such as engineers, psychiatrists and doctors, and achieving an inter-institutional alliance with the public and governmental sectors of Colombia.

Now he was going to spend his days around Covid patients, who needed breathing therapy after leaving the intensive care unit — holding them in his arms, keeping his face near theirs. In our weekly tele-session, a few days before he was due to start his new role; I encouraged him to focus on feelings of safety. I further suggested he focus mentally on that mantra on his way to the hospital; also knowing he had it in his pocket, just in case.

Pedro Hoping theirs one learned to use mindfulness to regulate emotions and we said he was going to put on his protective equipment in mindfulness, focusing on every piece of equipment and telling himself, This cap keeps me safeetc. Once all geared up, he would tell himself, I am safe. I feel at times we as psychologists must be able to afford flexibility with our boundaries.

So parallel to the sessions, every evening I recorded a 10 second video of my street at p. Pedro texted me Sunday evening: Thank you, I am now ready. At the end of his first day in his new role he texted me: I have just finished my day, it all went all right, I felt strong. Try to be creative. We can survive all this. We have the strength. Soon, new mornings will come. The flowers will bloom and the streets will become active. The sun will shine more brightly.

The aroma is fragrant. Even though I had just received a certification in virtual distance education. During this semester I found myself teaching a course on contemporary models of psychotherapy. Two weeks after the quarantine began, the unit I would teach on would be expressive therapies. I was thinking how to translate a dynamic application in the classroom into a virtual activity.

At that moment it occurred to me, rather than giving a class, my students needed that space to process the new reality of COVID So, not only did I give a virtual class on expressive therapies, I converted the space into an art therapy live application as well. The goal was that each of them from their homes could express themselves from their homes through four drawings, allowing creativity to flow and emphasizing the process, not the result. By discussing the theories, they analyzed their arts meaning, which in turn promoted laughter and participation Hoping theirs one them.

Hoping theirs one

Also, Hoping theirs one group discussions allowed them to find new meanings, named their concerns and see the positive side of it all. But more importantly allowed them a space to express and reflect on their feelings about everything we are experiencing and how we can count on this tool not only for themselves, but also for their professional work.

Curiously, there were repeated drawings, symbols and shapes between them i. At the end, they told me that this had been the best class they have had online. It was perceived as heaven on the earth peaceful and serine. All birds and animals lived together happily for many years. As the times passed they felt the environment has changed, there were no rains in rainy seasons, the pond was drying, and the garden was dried up and faded.

The island has suffered severely from drought. Animals and birds decided to migrate to a new place for livelihood. In the same place, there were a couple of geese, and a tortoise lived on the pond. They were best friends. The geese decided to migrate from there. The tortoise also wanted to move with them, but she was unable to fly. So she pleaded Hoping theirs one geese to rescue her from the problem.

It was a great challenge for the geese regarding how it was possible. But they were very kind and did not like to lose their friend so they got an idea to take her together. They brought a long stick with their beaks and asked the tortoise to hold the stick with her mouth tightly.

They warned her not to open her mouth at any cost. They flew together and when they reached a new city, city dwellers were wandering to see such an amazing scene in the sky. They called up other people loudly to behold it and enjoy the moment. The tortoise and geese heard a loud noise. The tortoise was much disturbed by the noise and crowd and she opened her mouth to control it. As soon as she did, she had fallen to the ground and passed away. We conclude the story in Nepali as saying: Bhanne lai Phool ko mala Storyteller gets flower garlandSunne lai sun ko mala, story listener gets gold garlandIt will remain in the mind of people forever.

Many have been concerned not only about being infected, but also about shortages of hygiene products and food. The press release was covered by three local presses and two social media platforms. The online campaign alone reachedonline viewers. I have coped with the pandemic by working with the British Columbia B. Psychological Association and the University of British Columbia-Okanagan to spearhead the development of opportunities for doctoral psychology students and trainees to become involved in supporting the recently announced Emergency Telepsychology Services Program, a novel program run by psychologists that provides free telepsychology services to health care workers at the front line of the COVID pandemic in B.

Some of the ideas that have been raised as potential options for student involvement include developing written clinical content for distribution among health care workers e. I have found that getting involved to help alleviate the psychological burden that has arisen due to the COVID pandemic has been Hoping theirs one effective way of coping and staying connected. I know that I am not the only one because we have had over 40 students up to volunteer in less than 48 hours!

This is truly quite remarkable because there are probably less than students enrolled in professional psychology doctoral programs in B. up now ». Stories of hope, resilience and inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic Individuals from around the world share their personal stories of hope, resilience, and inspiration during this time. Date created: July 8, 9 min read.

Hoping theirs one

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Hoping theirs one

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Stories of hope, resilience and inspiration during the coronavirus pandemic