How To Get Legendary Pokemon In Project Pokemon [ARCEUS!] (Cheats/Hack) ROBLOX

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Easiest way in my opinion to get legendaries! Enjoy! 😀
Thanks for watching my Project Pokemon gameplay + commentary guys! Im going to be starting a Vlogging series soo let me know in the comments for what i should upload next!
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This Method Is Not Mine. But Thanks To
PlayFunGamesCheat (Finding it)
For making this possible.

Thanks to FaZe Dirty for making the thread!
Unpatched Cheat Engine Download:
1. Join Project: Pokemon
2. Open your cheat engine bypass
3. Go into a battle with the Pokemon you want to make lvl 100
4. Put in 666724525 and first scan.
5. Select all values (CTRL + A)
6. Press red arrow
7. Select all values (CTRL + A)
8. Change all values to 6667245251
9. Kill your opponent
10. Profit?

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