Im single and a marine

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The Marine noncommissioned officer whose video about being the victim of sexual misconduct in the military was shared widely last week says it's not her job to fix a system she did not break. Dalina, whose last name and unit were not provided to protect her privacy, did not expect the video she recorded on TikToka video-sharing social media platform, to go viral, said retired Col. The sergeant recorded and shared her candid reaction to learning a Marine who was found guilty of mistreating her would be allowed to remain in uniform.

Rarely do they have the ability to tell the story. People moved by Dalina's video ranged from rank-and-file troops to Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin and members of Congress. Austin on Friday called Dalina's video "deeply disturbing," and pledged to address the troubling problem of sexual misconduct, which has plagued the ranks for years.

The Marine Corps has consistently had some of the military's highest rates of sexual assault reports. Inthere were 5.

Im single and a marine

Dalina, who is declining media interviews about her personal experience, said she'll eventually speak about the toxic culture surrounding sexual misconduct in the military. The person she reported for misconduct was her unit's uniformed victim advocate, she said -- someone Marines and sailors are supposed to be able to turn to when they've been harmed. Her command confronted the Marine, and he admitted to what he had done, Dalina said in her statement. Angelica Sposato, a spokeswoman for the North Carolina-based II Marine Expeditionary Force, said Tuesday that the Marine was found guilty of transferring personal information from Dalina's cellphone to his own device.

The Navy and Marine Corps made sharing nude or intimate photos without the subject's permission a criminal offense in That was in the wake of a massive scandal in which hundreds of service members and veterans in a Facebook group were found to have accessed compromising photos of female Marines without their permission. The Marine who took photos of Dalina's cellphone received nonjudicial punishment, a reduction in rank and loss of paySposato said.

Even after the Marine confessed, though, Dalina said he still held formation the next morning while she hid in her room, "ashamed of what had happened. My chain of command never formally notified me about what action they took against this Marine. Months passed, during Im single and a marine she said she repeatedly asked the leadership for more information about her case. She describes cornering her commanding officer about the need to better vet uniformed victim advocates. She said she told the CO she didn't want to be in the same unit as the Marine who mistreated her once they returned to the U.

Dalina said she later found out she wouldn't just be in the same unit as the Marine, but "working in the same office. He referenced the findings of a new Rand Corp. Sposato said the process to administratively separate the Marine found guilty of accessing Dalina's photos is ongoing.

Anyone who doesn't uphold Marine Corps standards will be held able, she added. Dalina said a master sergeant helped bring her into his unit when she returned to the U. That unit has looked after and cared for her, she said. When she testified at the accused Marine's separations board though, she said she watched members of her former unit stand up for him. Too often, Christensen said, he Im single and a marine military leaders turn on the victims of sexual assault, harassment and mistreatment. They are not being taken care of. Jon Tester, chairman of the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee, said last week that Dalina's video serves as a reminder that more needs to be done to ensure any service member guilty of sexual misconduct is "brought to justice.

Christensen said Dalina's story is one of several recent cases that highlight serious shortfalls in the way the military addresses sexual misconduct and crimes. That includes the case of Army Spc. Vanessa Guillen, a 20 year old who was killed in Texas after her family says she was sexually harassed. Her body was found dismembered and burned. And six months earlier, Army Pfc. Christian Alvarado, a member of 1st Battalion, st Aviation Regiment, was later charged with raping Graham while she was unconscious.

These tragic cases must lead to reformChristensen said. He's hopeful the public interest, combined with President Joe Biden's promises to support reform for military sexual misconduct cases, will lead to change. Dalina, who said she was sexually assaulted in the Marine Corps before the Marine accessed her personal images, said she's not a "one in a million story. Follow her on Twitter ginaaharkins. It was the third crossing the insurgents have taken, after ly seizing crossings with Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. Sustainment includes the personnel needed to work on the jet, support equipment, training and other related expenses.

Troops are already mandated to get 17 different vaccines, including shots against measles, mumps, diphtheria, hepatitis Cameron Kinley was told last month that he needed to meet his service obligation before trying to embark on an NFL career. Lance Cpl. Jamhal Tavon Sanders Latimer, a former U. Marine from Providence, Rhode Island, waived his right to an attorney.

Im single and a marine

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Im single and a marine

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Im single and a marine

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