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This profile is based on a nine-month investigation by The Courier Journal, including a review of state and federal court records and interviews with U. He later adopted the name Nemesio, some say to honor his godfather. It was shortened to El Mencho and has no other known meaning. They blanket communities with dangerous drugs, including fentanyl. Court and prison records show he sneaked into the U.

Around age 19, El Mencho, his brother and other friends and family lived in the San Francisco Bay Area, so he used it as a home base while he tried to build a drug-trafficking business. San Francisco police caught him trying to sell a meager street-level sized stash of crystal meth in He was deported to Mexico. Within months, he came back to the U. Both ended up in a federal prison, where El Mencho served more than four years before he was deported again.

El Mencho made his way to Tijuana, the prominent border town for American tourists and feuding Mexican cartels. There, he grew his drug-smuggling business into San Diego. Quickly, he made a name for himself at the main entry point into the U. Her siblings formed a branch of the Milenio Cartel known as Los Cuinis.

They forged relationships with Colombian cocaine suppliers to bring shipments into Mexico en route to the U. Justice Department reports. Yes, Milenio tapped El Mencho, a skilled sicario — or assassin — to lead one of its cells in Guadalajara as a cartel lieutenant. As a boss, he inspired loyalty while leading his own team of assassins. El Mencho and his team targeted members of the Los Zetas cartel. They became known as Los Matazetas, or Zeta Killers, vowing to protect residents from the brutal cartel that consisted largely of former special forces operatives. As early asU. Their Mexican police counterparts felt it, too.

The city, dubbed the Mexican Silicon Valley, is renowned for its colonial plazas of ivory buildings and terracotta roofs — and as the birthplace of powerhouse cartels. El Mencho, who moved to Guadalajara, rose through the ranks of Milenio and expected to be rewarded with the top position.

Neither were his brothers-in-law, who headed Los Cuinis. They splintered Milenio into two factions — those for El Mencho and those against. As the boss, El Mencho set the pisoor tax, that business owners and independent drug traffickers had to pay the capos for protection. El Mencho also assumed control of corrupt police officers and politicians. He exercises daily, staying in fugitive fighting shape.

Latino looking for a El Macero California friend 1 woman needs one faithful Oklahoma city man

That enabled him to avoid capture by staying on the run for days in rugged mountains. He spends time on ranches riding horses, racing motorbikes. He uses extreme violence — acid baths, decapitations and even cannibalism — to inspire fear and compliance. His cartel members post many of these gruesome deaths on social media. This includes videos of torture and murder posted on YouTube, threats broadcast on Twitter and Facebook, and even images of bodies hanging from bridges on Pinterest.

El Mencho is like a ghost, rarely seen in public. He is more drawn to power than money. He does indulge in betting on bullfights and cockfights. El Mencho is the lead defendant in a federal indictment returned in the District of Columbia in accusing him of leading a continuing criminal enterprise. He also is charged with conspiring to send large amounts of drugs into the U. El Mencho also faces meth trafficking charges from a federal indictment in Gulfport, Mississippi. He had been arrested the year but was released by a judge. El Menchito remains jailed awaiting his extradition to the United States.

He has been known to surround himself with men willing to die for him. Police raided his secret compounds in and — both times in rural Jalisco. But he always found a way to escape. During the raid, a DEA intelligence analyst said El Mencho ordered cartel members to stay inside the house and fire at police.

He and his son, Menchito, escaped into the mountains while four cartel members died. They expect him to be insulated by layers of security, guards who are paramilitary trained and heavily armed. Mexican drug lord's super cartel infiltrates US small towns. How a Mexican cartel turned a rural area into a hidden cocaine hub.

Latino looking for a El Macero California friend 1 woman needs one faithful Oklahoma city man

One mistake trapped a desperate dad in a Mexican drug cartel's web. Then he vanished. Mother searches photos of mutilated dead men, hoping to find her abducted son. Officer disabled after helicopter shot down by rising Jalisco New Generation Cartel. Why is The Courier Journal reporting on a deadly Mexican drug cartel? Because it's here. Facebook Twitter .

Latino looking for a El Macero California friend 1 woman needs one faithful Oklahoma city man

Why is El Mencho so dangerous? In this wanted poster, the U. Courtesy of the DEA. Why is El Mencho in the news now? Show caption Hide caption.

Latino looking for a El Macero California friend 1 woman needs one faithful Oklahoma city man

Why should Americans be concerned? Their presence has been discovered in at least 35 states and Puerto Rico. Has El Mencho ever been in America? Billionaire cartel boss El Mencho began his career as a drug dealing failure.

This booking photo from a San Francisco jail shows one of his arrests. El Mencho's sneaked into the U. He spent four years in prison and was deported. How did El Mencho become a rising cartel star? How did El Mencho find the money to grow his army? Was El Mencho a hitman? How did El Mencho stage a bloody coup for control? What does El Mencho control? Why is El Mencho so powerful?

Nine bodies were left hanging from a busy stretch of highway near Nueva Laredo, Mexico. CJNG hung a banner, at right, taking credit. Social Media. How does El Mencho compare with El Chapo? What is El Mencho charged with in the U. What is El Mencho's son charged with in the U. Now he's jailed, awaiting extradition to the U. How has El Mencho avoided capture? CJNG members shot down a Mexican military helicopter May 1, as soldiers flew toward a cartel compound in rural Jalisco in hopes of capturing cartel leader El Mencho. Where is El Mencho now?

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Latino looking for a El Macero California friend 1 woman needs one faithful Oklahoma city man

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Latino looking for a El Macero California friend 1 woman needs one faithful Oklahoma city man