Looking for hairdresser with other skills to

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Job losses in the beauty industry have added up to more than just a bad hair day for millions of workers in the personal care and beauty industry. With customers forced into do-it-yourself haircuts, dye jobs, manicures and other services in order to comply with shelter in place orders, the professional outlook for people in this field isn't looking pretty.

Personal care and beauty workers were the first hit when the nation went on lockdown in mid-March as they were labeled non-essential and ordered to close shop. The industry, comprised of many small business owners, was healthy in The salon and spa industry in the United States counts for more than 1.

Until stay-at-home orders due to the coronavirus are lifted, personal care and beauty professionals will need to find other places to use their skills. The good news is that your experience in the field has helped you cultivate a bevy of skills that employers need now.

Looking for hairdresser with other skills to

And, whether you're a hairdresser, hair stylist, esthetician or cosmetologist, there is work out there for you thanks in large part to these "transferable skills. Transferable skills are sought-after abilities that employers seek across industries. Below, we show you the jobs and the skills that will be the best match for your experience, and how you can effectively emphasize your qualifications on a to get a leg up on the competition.

Transferable skills include hard skills, technical skills and soft skills. Many people in the cosmetology field have strong soft skills, honed through hours of one-on-one interactions with their customers. Employers actively seek those skills, since they are difficult to teach. So, those job seekers who are great communicators and problem-solvers, as well friendly and customer-service focused will be in great demand.

The trick is learning to emphasize these skills on your to help an employer see how you can fit in and be a valuable employee, even without direct experience. Here are some hard, technical and soft skills and relevant training or certifications that you may have cultivated during your time in cosmetology that you should consider adding to your :. Hard and technical skills: Hard skills include operating and cleaning equipment, strong organization and time-management skills, knowledge of health and safety procedures, inventory management.

Technical skills include, appointment scheduling software, experience with multi-line phone systems. Soft skills: Customer service, empathy, collaboration, flexibility, problem-solving, friendly personality, strong conversational skills.

Looking for hairdresser with other skills to

Certifications and training: State cosmetologist'sesthetician training, state hairstylist'snail technician certificate, health safety training. Education: If you have a bachelor's degree in hospitality, communications, business or other field, be sure to add to your. Or, if you've taken additional coursework in management or finance, be sure to include that as well.

Cosmetology certificates should be listed under a separate header. If you were a hairstylist, salon manager, manicurist, cosmetologist, esthetician or salon receptionist, you might be qualified for one of these roles. When applying in person, you will need to have a current that highlights your relevant skills, a current and phoneand identification such as a driver's or passport.

If you're applying online, you will also need a current address and phone and an up-to-date that reflects the skills the employer is seeking. An employer may also request a cover letter, which is a good opportunity to briefly outline why you're a good fit for the job and you want to work for the employer. While there is a flurry of hiring activity for many essential employers and a scramble by the unemployed to grab those jobs, that doesn't mean you should cut corners by delivering a lackluster and cover letter.

A strong addresses the skills and experience outlined in the job ad and highlights your transferable skills. Looking for hairdresser with other skills to idea is to help an employer see what you'll bring to the table, even if you don't have direct experience in the field. This will help you stand out from the competition. In addition, a cover letter that addresses why you want the job and why you're a good fit will make a more personal connection to the hiring manager.

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She is also the author of two career advice books and has appeared on The Today Show as a career expert.

Looking for hairdresser with other skills to

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Looking for hairdresser with other skills to

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