Naked women from wading Akron

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Naked women from wading Akron

Founded April IS. June 18, Sept. Once again, the state has guaranteed that the public's state of mind toward the observance will be confused. To its credit, the Ohio House attempted to clear up the mess that has left the rest of us wading through two Memorial Days since Last month, House members voted overwhelmingly to switch the state observance from the traditional May 30 to the last Monday in May.

That was a sensible move, one deed to bring the state celebration into line with the national holiday. The confirmation hearings for Mr. Meese, a close friend and adviser of President Reagan, before the Senate Judiciary Committee revealed evi. Meese's conduct and character already show him to be a poor candidate for the job of chief law enforcement officer in the nation. But since he insists on fighting for the nomination, and since Mr. Reagan continues to back Mr.

Meese, a thorough investigation is needed. And a special, independent prosecutor is the best way to keep that investigation as free of politics as possible. One involved an elderly widow, Elva Mae Burris, killed with an ax handle by a burglar as she slept. The intruder then set fire to the woman's home in a quiet Goodyear Heights neighborhood. The second occurred 12 hours after Mrs. Burris' death. A Cuyahoga Falls woman was abducted from an Akron parking lot in broad daylight, then raped, stabbed in the eyes and left to die in a burning car. Remarkably, the rape victim kept her wits about her and managed to escape from the metal inferno.

These frightful attacks on two innocent people in less than one day particularly unnerved the public. Akron police mobilized an all-out effort to find the person or persons responsible for the crimes. Naked women from wading Akron were swift and impressive.

Three days after Mrs. Burris was slain, police charged one of her neighbors with aggravated murder and aggravated burglary. An anonymous tip led to the suspect's arrest. In the rape case, the victim's keen memory and an enterprising cop on the beat provided crucial information. A suspect was arrested Tuesday, one week after the vicious assault. This is one of those times. For as long as I can remember, a conviction for rape depended as much on the character of the woman involved as on the action of the man. Most often, the job of the defense lawyer was to prove that the woman had provoked or EUea Goodman consented to the act, to prove that it was sex, not assault.

In the normal course of events, the smallest blemish, mis judgment, misstep by the woman Did she wear a tight sweater? Was she a "loose" woman? Was she in the wrong part of town at the wrong hour? Call it a case of nerves.

Naked women from wading Akron

In an election year, the wise officeholder tries not to make too many enemies, particularly when a political party has only a razor-thin majority in the Senate. There's little doubt that veterans' organizations like things as they are. And they have lots of members who vote.

So, for the time being, Memorial Day legislation is being held hostage in a Senate committee. It will stay there at least a little while longer. And, since lawmakers are scheduled to leave Columbus this week and not to return until after the May 8 primary, it is virtually impossible to avoid celebrating a double Memorial Day in Ohio in It might be wise to make your holiday plans early. People who will be off Monday, May 28, the day of the federal observance, can clean up the house while their kids are at school: Two days later, when state offices and schools are closed, kids can continue the cleanup while their, parents are back at work.

Between the two days, there will be an ample choice of parades and Memorial Day tributes.

Naked women from wading Akron

Unfortunately, any semblance of order or family gatherings will be in short supply. The surplus of Memorial Days in Ohio is a needless source of confusion. It baffles employers, irritates parents and causes problems such as the one currently facing Metro: Should buses shut down on the state holiday or the federal holiday? Either way, someone is going to be left waiting at the bus stop. The House wanted to end this annual headache, but obviously the Senate is in no rush to help.

Ohioans must wait a bit longer. As Election Day approaches, logic and politics sometimes drift apart. But there are some points to be made even at this early stage. What has occurred thus far would not have been possible without hard work from police professionals and cooperation from a caring public. Akron detectives and uniformed officers alike worked long and exhausting hours to check out tips and develop evidence. One patrolman, Gus Hall, deserves special mention. In a chapter straight out of a whodunit, he Naked women from wading Akron the vacant house in which police say the woman was raped.

That discovery was made possible by the victim's partial description of the house and that of a nearby home. Throughout her abduction, the woman observed and remembered, to provide information to help catch her assailant. She, too, deserves credit for remaining calm, and for describing her nightmare to reporters in the hopes that no other person win have to go through a similar ordeal.

Her story drew additional tips from the public. Horrible events like these leave everyone in this community feeling a bit more vulnerable. But a tireless police force and a concerned public can make all the difference. A woman could waive her right to say "no" in an astonishing of ways. But in the past few weeks, in Massachusetts, three cases of multiple rape have come into court and three sets of convictions have come out of juries.

These verdicts point to a sea change in attitudes. A simple definition seems to have seeped into the public consciousness: If she says no, it's rape. The most famous of these cases is the New Bedford barroom rape. There, in two separate trials, juries cut through complicated testimony to decide the central issue within hours. Had the woman been drinking? Had she lied about that in testimony?

Had she kissed one of the men? In the end, none of these points was relevant. What mattered to the juries that found Naked women from wading Akron of these six men guilty was that they had forced her. If she said no, it was rape. The second case involved a young woman soldier from Fort Devens who accepted a ride with members of a local rock band, the Grand Slamm. She was raped in the bus and left in a field hours Exotic pet law is criticized IN REGARD to passage of a restrictive, exotic pet law in Summit County: Few activities do not involve some degree of risk, yet we do not outlaw driving, hunting, recreational flying, boxing, swimming, boating, snow shoveling, etc.

Each of these pursuits have caused a thousand times more deaths and serious injuries than exotic pets. More important, we do not. It should have been rejected because people need to be able to protect themselves. It makes it look like Cleveland Heights has a terrible crime problem. It does not. Also, this kind of law is not enforceable because you can't do anything about guns already sold. The law would put shop owners' lives in danger. Is murder illegal? Yes, but it hasn't stopped killings. A law making handguns illegal would not stop crime or even stop people from buying guns.

A law outlawing handguns would have nothing but a bad effect on society.

Naked women from wading Akron

Raspberry that kids today don't go to their parents for guidance.

Naked women from wading Akron

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