[ROBLOX] Apocalypse Rising Unlimited Ammo Hack/Exploit

>> Roblox Online Hack <<

Credit to MetrikEagle or anyone that claimed that they found it.


Check Cashed v3 http://adf.ly/1QxhKB


1. Find a gun and ammo must be over 20 or less than 10.

2. Open up Check Cashed or any CE.

3. First scan “Unknown Initial Value”

4. Shoot and scan “Changed Value”

5.Next change it to “Unchanged Value”

6. Repeat until you get value around 1000-2000

7. Find the code that looks like (PPBYiKS)

8. After you find it save that code and paste it on the string.

9. If some of the value moves then that one is incorrect. The one that isn’t moving make sure you check the box.

10. Should be able to shoot unlimited, and open the slop again too regain ammo.
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Reborn Code: http://pastebin.com/h6EjpvRS

If you dont have cheat engine Here You Go:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_9sZwXoSnnc

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>> Roblox Online Hack <<