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Winners are randomly selected from comment section through the day/week! So don’t be shy to leave a comment!! – Enjoy

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Hi guys, the winter wonderland update in roblox pet simulator that we have been waiting for is finally here. In this stream I will be doing free dark matter dominus huge pets giveaway. I have more than 400 pets and in this stream i will give free 10 dark matter dominus huge every 3 minutes.

How does this giveaway works?
First I will roll someone with nightbot. The one that got rolled should give me the username of his roblox account in the live stream chat. After I got the username I will add you as friend and you have just 3 minutes to accept my friend request and join my vip server very fast and you will get the 10 pets.

Obigahat channel is all about roblox games. In this channel we stream giveaways for pet simulator and other roblox games. Also we do tutorials about most popular games in roblox.

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