ROBLOX RC7 Crack 2016 Level 7 GUI Script Executor V3rmillion Release

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Ello’ all! Yes, it’s been a while. I’ve been gone because I honestly just got lazy. Here it is, the updated version! Sorry I was so inactive! Thanks to the new subscribers!

=====================Xenia Project======================

Info: RC7 is a script executor developed by the renown coder, Jordan. Known for his development of RC7, he is respected and always updates RC7. Although I have nothing against him, his prices are insane and he’s rude to his customers. Only a select few have been able to use rc7 and have fun with it. I’m here to end that by cracking the whitelist and releasing it for free on here.

RC7 Download Executable + memcheck (Microsoft Visual C++ Redistrubited 2008 is needed):

If you get an error, download C++ Redistributable 2008 here:…


1. Have ROBLOX open
2. Make sure ROBLOX can be seen through your firewall
3. Wait three minutes (This is important! RC7 needs to inject memcheck before you can use rc7 correctly)
4. Run rc7
4B. (If you get an error, give me the error key! It can be found if there is an error, after the program is ran.)

For support, comment on YouTube.

– Chuckie
– Afall
– Shift
– Jane (Fake name to mask the requested anonymous helper)

>> Roblox Online Hack <<