Roblox RoCitizen Money Cheat/Hack 2016-2017 UnPatched

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Still Working on 5/3/2017


ff [player] gives [player] a forcefield
noff [player] removes forcefield from [player]
fire [player] gives [player] fire
nofire [player] removes fire from [player]
sp [player] gives [player] sparkles
nosp [player] removes sparkles from [player]
smoke [player] gives [player] smoke
nosmoke [player] removes smoke from [player]
btools [player] gives [player] btools
god [player] sets [player]’s health to math.huge
ungod [player] sets [player]’s health and maxhealth to 100
sgod [player] “silent god”, makes [player]’s maxhealth a very large number
frz [player] freezes [player]
thaw [player] unfreezes [player]
kill [player] kills [player] by setting their health to 0
sound [id] removes all sound from workspace, plays and loops [id]
explode [player] blows [player] up
invis [player] makes [player] invisible
vis [player] makes [player] visible
time [hour] sets time to [hour] – 0 to 24
kick [player] kicks [player]

(below might crash)
obc [player] makes [player] appear to be obc on the leaderboard
tbc [player] makes [player] appear to be tbc on the leaderboard
bc [player] makes [player] appear to be bc on the leaderboard
nbc [player] makes [player] appear to be nbc on the leaderboard

[player] can be “all”, “others”, or “me”
Video Rating: / 5

>> Roblox Online Hack <<