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Rocitizens INFINITE MONEY GLITCH WORKING January 2018 Roblox Infinite Cash πŸ€‘

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Hey guys! This NEW Rocitizens Money Glitch is absolutely amazing as you pretty much get infinite money from it. You can also get the SUPER RARE Sleigh car with this glitch. Make sure you subscribe to my channel and leave a like if you enjoyed this glitch 😁.

1. Go to the Christmas Tree with the presents
2. Open your daily present (If you haven’t already)
3. Exit Roblox
4. Go to your Date and Time settings
5. Change the date to the next day [For If it is January 3, you would change it to January 4]
6. Look on the bottom right (the time) to check if the date actually changed
6. Join a Rocitizens game
7. Go back to the Christmas tree and it’ll let you roll your gift again
8. REPEAT | Keep doing it for as long as you want to get money, furniture & the sleigh car.

*MAKE SURE YOU ALWAYS GO TO THE NEXT DAY, DON’T USE DATES YOU’VE ALREADY USED* So if you used January 10, you can’t use dates before that like January 9 or January 8, you NEED to use January 11 (which is the next date), and then after that you can use January 12, and so on.

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>> Roblox Online Hack <<


>> Roblox Online Hack <<

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